Monday, 2 November 2015

ClarityStamp Challenge - Clean and Simple

Hello bloggers and welcome to this months blog, which is all about being clean and simple.

This is not something that comes easy to me, especially the clean part.  I always end up covered in whatever medium I am using.

This card came to me when I wasn't even thinking about it.  It just popped in, so I got on and did it straight away before I forgot.

Firstly I used various sizes of circle dies and cut out holes in a descending order.  Then got to work on the backing card.  I drew through the holes with a pencil so that I would have a bit of an idea where I was working.  Then used pink and blue distress ink to sweep across the area.

It looked a little too dark so I used a white inkpad and a scruffy brush and went across each area with this.  It gave a lovely whitewashed effect.

Next came the stamping, I always knew I wanted to use the boy stamp, but I needed more birds.  Luckily Clarity have lots of sets that have different sized birds which are really useful.

Once stamped, it was just a case of placing the holey piece on top and glueing.  I went round with the obligatory black marker to finish off.

   Eh Voila!

Thanks for reading, hope you feel inspired to give this a go.


Claritystamp Challenge - Stencils

Hi bloggers, I must admit this has been one of my favourite challenges as I love stencils.

I started off by using a pencil to draw through the elegant lady stencil and the mirror, I then flipped the stencil to draw in the reflection.

 Next I used coloured pencils to colour her in, I must admit this did take me quite a while.  I think I lost a few hours here!  But they were very enjoyable hours.

Once coloured I cut some masks to cover the images and places the trees stencil over the top.  
 I also used some of the snowflake stencils but I forgot to photograph that bit.

I used distress ink at first and then removed the stencils and put in some definition using pencils.  I was pleased with the overall effect.  It also shows that stencils can be used in alsorts of ways.  I think that especially with the Clarity stencils a lot of them can be used in this way, to draw round and colour in.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.