Friday, 9 January 2015

Winter Tree Canvas

I thought I would blog my process for working on a canvas
Basically, I just start by using something I like as a base point

I used some pollyfiller through the winter tree stencil, there was some blue ink left on the stencil which gave the texture that blue colour.
Then I added some torn book pages,

And a few blobs of blue paint, at this point I had no idea where it was going!

Ruined it totally with the mustard colour!  Where do I go now?

I swept across it with some white, pink and blue acrylic paints and then went round the circles with a black oil pastel and rubbed it with my finger to blend it.  The other circle I did with sparkle texture paste.

I added some white paint with some texture pads and then some embossed blossom.  Stamped some birds, I like these birds.  I also brushed some gold acrylic paint across it too.  The circles weren't quite dark enough so I used a really small brush and some black glossy paint.  To frame it all I went round the edge with versamark ink and used black embossing powder.  Then just onto another white canvas.

It's taken me four days of going back to it, but I think I'm finished now.  The point is, even if you think you've ruined something it isn't always the case.  Also, you don't always have to have a plan!  
I never do. Xx

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